Modernes Minderheitenrecht

Modernes Minderheitenrecht
– Eine rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung des Minderheitenrechts in Österreich
und in Italien unter besonderer Berücksichtigung völkerrechtlicher Aspekte

Manz Verlag, 2001, ISBN


For many areas of conflicts in Europe the protection of minorities has become a problem-solving instrument of primary importance. In the devising of modern protection instruments Austria and Italy have given major contributions. This monograph aims at evidencing the many links, parallels and reciprocal dependencies between the Austrian and the Italian system for the protection of minorities. It shall be shown that these mutual influences are indicators for general principles characterizing this isssue (and the relevant instruments to tackle it) also in other countries. It is pointed out that in modern democracies protection measures for minorities are subject to a continous need for justification and that the adoption of an individual rights approach (instead of a collective one) is in the interest of the society as a whole and ultimately also in the interest of the members of the single minorities.

Special aspects treated in this monograph:
International law foundations of national minority protection measures, minority schools, “new” minorities, the the use of minority languages for signs, before courts and before administrative authorities, modern international tendencies in the protection of minorities.